I am emi:

I completely heat without the polluting combustion of limited resources. Thus, I provide heated water for radiators and hot water usage in an environmentally friendly, emission-free and cost-effective way.

Based on, among others, the effects of electromagnetic induction and magnetocalorics, the rotation of magnets generates an alternating magnetic field in the recuperator. The resulting eddy currents generate heat, which I use to warm up the water.

The combination of innovation, environmental awareness and state of the art technology helps me to outperform all previous heating systems.

Get to know me!

My electric Siemens motor rotates the magnets inside of me. The rotation creates an alternating magnetic field, which in turn generates heat.

The rotation of magnets creates an alternating magnetic field inside of me. This induces eddy currents whose energy is converted into heat within my recuperator. The basic principle has been known for a long time, for example, from an induction stove. Continuous developments and the implementation of novel physical findings have significantly increased the efficiency of my system. Allowing me to easily heat an entire house.

Like in normal heaters, the water flows through pipes – except I don’t use fossil fuels to generate heat. The heat generated by electromagnetic induction is transferred to the surrounding stainless steel pipe. This heats the water, which is then transported via the existing water pipes throughout the house to radiators, showers etc.

To ensure that my efficiency remains as high as possible, I am wrapped in a special insulation to prevent heat loss.

My technical data

Technical data of emi 1

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Performance variable
10 kW
Operating noise 42 dBA
Weight 82 kg
Height 1020 mm
3-phases 400 V / 16 A 
Width / Diameter 490 mm
Warranty 5 Years

The heating system of the future

Heating is the largest CO2 producer in private households and emits pollutants such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and others. These are not only harmful to your health but also to the climate and the environment we live in.

In order to counteract these harmful developments, a change must take place first and foremost in one’s own cellar! Replacing your old heating system with an emi has an immediate effect, as we offer an emission-free alternative to (often outdated) gas and oil heating.

The emi is simply connected to the existing pipes and therefore does not require intensive installation work.

Heating green from the cellar to the roof

The emi is an important cornerstone in the reduction of energy consumption and, thus, a major step towards an energetically self-sufficient home.

In combination with solar energy, intelligent energy storage solutions and a conscious everyday life, you can become independent of external power supply.
Provide an emission-free home for yourself and your family.

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